Allcock & Marcus is the next generation of condominium lawyers. Our next-generation approach transcends the mere practice of law. We are influencers in the public arena and educators in the classroom.

We are truly New England’s condominium law firm. (We also cover Florida.)

We have the most extensive reach, with attorneys practicing condominium law in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Florida (Yes, we consider Florida to be Southern New England—especially in the winter).

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of condominium law.

The general day-to-day representation of condominiums is our lifeblood, whether it is document or statutory interpretation, handling meetings, amending documents or handling association loans. We handle the collection of unpaid condominium fees, expertly, economically and efficiently. Our litigation team is decorated and boasts the only group of lawyers to have argued multiple condominium cases in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Supreme Courts as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals. We take the hard cases and are creative in our approach. Our Attorneys also have been recognized nationally and locally as expert witnesses and have served as neutrals in mediation and arbitration, another unique distinction.

Allcock & Marcus attorneys are influencers on a local and national level.

Our attorneys have been admitted to the prestigious national college of community association lawyers and served in leadership roles of the college and the New England Chapter of the Community Association Institute. We have served leadership roles on local and national legislative action committees and amicus teams. We don’t just practice condominium law, we create it, shape it and influence the law for the benefit of our clients.

Allcock & Marcus attorneys are educators.

We pride ourselves in educating our condominium clients, management companies, judges, legislators, unit owners and anyone that will listen through our monthly newsletter, webinars, podcasts, seminars and conferences. Knowledge is power and education is the key to that power in the unique and constantly evolving field of condominium law.

Allcock & Marcus will represent your legal needs.

Even when we are not, we will influence and educate on your behalf. We are the next generation of condominium lawyers and New England’s most extensive and complete condominium law firm.