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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


National ADR and Expert Services

Allcock & Marcus’ multistate condominium law practice, familiarity with the various iterations of the Uniform Condominium Act and Uniform Common Ownership Interest Act and national presence as educators and influencers in the condominium arena have led to them being selected and qualified to testify as expert witnesses on discrete condominium legal issues in a variety of states. We have also been engaged to consult on unique and challenging legal issues across the country.

In addition, we have been selected to serve as mediators and arbitrators on a number of condominium disputes across the country. The proliferation of zoom and other virtual platforms has made it much easier to use experts located in one part of the United States to mediate condominium disputes in other parts of the country. Using Allcock and Marcus to mediate your dispute takes the concern out of local bias and ensures that your mediator is an experienced condominium law specialist.

Your location does not matter. We provide expert services and mediation and arbitration of condominium disputes on a national basis and level.

Managing Partner

Edmund Allcock

Chief Information Officer

Stephen Marcus