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The day-to-day operation of condominiums is complex, challenging and can be intimidating. General legal representation of condominiums is our lifeblood.

Condominiums are often analogized to publicly traded corporations because they are represented by an elected board of directors, elected by their stakeholders, and are governed by an enabling statute and internal by-laws.

Like corporations, condominium boards are responsible for preserving and protecting the investment of their members. Condominiums routinely interact with a number of vendors including property managers, contractors, insurers and even banks. Condominiums handle and manage six and sometimes seven-figure budgets and often oversee multi-million-dollar renovation and improvement projects. The legal issues that can arise during condominium governance can be staggering. Pitfalls and potential liability lurk around every corner and behind every document.

Every corporation has trusted in-house legal counsel to guide it in its daily affairs. The same should be true for condominiums. Trust us to be your in-house or general counsel. Some of our typical general counsel services include:

  • Interpretation of applicable statutory provisions and condominium documents
  • Drafting and amending condominium documents
  • Covenant enforcement
  • Attending annual and special meetings
  • Managing condominium elections
  • Dealing with developer transition issues
  • Addressing issues with local authorities, including zoning and building authorities
  • Reviewing and negotiating vendor contracts
  • Representation of condominiums with bank loans for major renovation projects
  • Real estate transactions (acquisition, disposition, easements)
  • Insurance claims

There are just some of our representative matters. As our world and the law changes and evolves, new legal issues arise. Nobody could have predicted that condominiums would be dealing with pandemic-related issues or structural integrity laws in the last couple of years. We roll with the changes. We give consistent practical legal advice to allow you to operate your condominium efficiently and effectively.

Our legal practice in multiple states and experience influencing the law on a National and Regional basis brings a decided edge to your condominium.

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