Stephen M. Marcus joins Allcock & Marcus!

Like the greats before him, Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Jay-Z and Tom Brady, Stephen M. Marcus is coming out of retirement and stepping back into the arena, the condominium law arena.  Stephen joins Allcock & Marcus, as a Partner in the Firm.  Stephen brings 40+ years of hardcore condominium law experience to the Firm.  His reputation as a condominium lawyer is unparalleled in New England and nationally.  He is a member of the national college of community association lawyers, as well as its President in 2015.  He is a member of CAI-NE Hall of Fame, as well as one of its past Presidents.  Prior to his retirement, he was recognized as a Massachusetts Super-Lawyer for 15 consecutive years.  In 2017 Stephen was honored with the Don Buck Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes attorneys who exhibit exceptional leadership in the field of community association law.  It is the most prestigious recognition given by Community Association Institute’s (CAI) College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL).  The award is so prestigious it is only given out sporadically.  Stephen is only the 5th recipient of the award.  His legal and policy contributions to the condominium industry are too innumerable to repeat.

In his role at Allcock & Marcus, Stephen will provide advice and support for condominium associations, developers, homeowners and lenders with respect to condominium legal issues.  Stephen will also provide support to our existing lawyers through his extensive knowledge and experience in the condominium industry.  He has an incredible knack for remembering past cases, past deals and putting them to use in the present.  He looks forward to serving as a mentor to the next generation of condominium lawyers.

Stephen will also continue to carve out a role that benefits Allcock & Marcus clients.  Stephen clearly has a reputation as one of the best condominium lawyers in the country.  He is a forward thinker on all thing’s condominium related.  During his brief retirement, because he had no hobbies, he remained involved locally and nationally on matters of great import to the condominium industry.  During his retirement, Stephen continued to serve as co-chair of CAI National’s Amicus Committee, which oversees the filing of legal briefs in cases across the country dealing with important legal and policy issues directly related to condominiums and homeowners’ association.  Stephen also served a leadership role on a joint national task-force on condominium structural safety following the collapse of Champlain Towers in Surfside, FL.  Locally, Stephen was a calming influence for condominiums during the pandemic.

Most importantly, Stephen looks forward to having the opportunity to working side by side with his son, Allcock & Marcus co-founder, Jake Marcus.  Stephen said:

“Once Jake decided to go to law school, I always envisioned having an opportunity to work with Jake.  While I am his father, I feel our relationship has transcended traditional roles, whether it’s discussing the law, watching Jake run marathons or hanging out at Patriots games.  I cherish the opportunity to finally work side by side with Jake, while he makes his mark as part of the next generation of condominium lawyers, in his very own law firm.”

Stephen is also excited about working again with former colleagues, Ellen Shapiro, Ed Allcock and Norm Orban.

Ed Allcock said:

“Stephen was and is a mentor to me.  I am excited about his return and the depth of knowledge and experience that he will provide our law firm.  Even when he was retired, he continued to be my go-to source for advice, knowledge and information, and let me tell you, there has been plenty going on the last couple of years in this industry from the pandemic to the surfside disaster.  I also think it is great that Stephen and Jake will have the opportunity to work together.  My daughter, Emily will be attending law school in the fall.  Maybe, so maybe, just maybe, there is something to this next generation of condo lawyers thing after all.”

Please, feel free to reach out to Stephen and congratulate him on his re-entry into the arena.  Stephen’s e-mail address is

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