Time for a Change, Introducing Allcock & Marcus: The Next Generation of Condominium Lawyers

By Edmund Allcock

Twenty years in one place is a long time, just ask Tom Brady.  Like Tom Brady, I felt like it was time for a change.  Twenty years of memories, relationships and pride in work well done and accomplishments achieved, but on to the next chapter.


During the last twenty years, I had the privilege to be selected as a New England “Super Lawyer” by my peers for thirteen consecutive years (and still counting).  I had the opportunity to argue multiple condominium cases in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Supreme Courts, as well as the First Circuit Court of Appeals.  In 2018 I was selected as Mass Lawyers Weekly Lawyer of the Year.  In 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic I was elected and served as President of both the National College of Community Association Lawyers and New England Chapter of the Community Associations Institute.


More importantly I had the privilege and pleasure of serving numerous clients in the practice of condominium law.  That will not change.  Tampa Bay was the next chapter in Tom Brady’s career.  My next chapter is Allcock & Marcus.  Like Tom Brady did in Tampa Bay, we believe that we have assembled a great team of condominium lawyers at Allcock & Marcus.  Our team is a perfect blend of youth and experience.  We will practice law in five states.  Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Florida.  We are the next generation of condominium lawyers and aim to be New England’s condominium law firm.  Yes we consider Florida to be part of New England, its somewhere below Massachusetts, after all that seems to be where most New Englanders go in the winter or to retire.


My other named law partner is Jake Marcus.  Some of you may know him as the son of Massachusetts CAI-Hall of Fame lawyer Stephen Marcus.  Some of you may know him as an advocate for charity and change and an accomplished marathoner.  I know him as an accomplished and skilled lawyer who has spent the last few years cutting his teeth on condominium and insurance cases in Florida.  He was ahead of the curve when he started because of his father.  Significantly, he was in the heart of Florida and in the legal mix surrounding the tragic Surfside Condominium Collapse.  Jake will be bringing his talent and the lessons he learned on South beach back to New England.  Although, he will also continue to maintain a physical presence and practice in Florida.


Many of you know our partner, Norm Orban who has literally worked by my side for the last five years and has come into his own as a strong presence in and out Court, recently prevailing on an important Massachusetts Appeals Court case.  Norm specializes in condominium construction defect litigation and defense of condominiums, including insurance defense.  While Norm is tough on his cases, the fact of the matter is that everybody loves Norm.  Norm also has a burgeoning condominium practice in the State of Maine, where he will also maintain a physical presence.


Ellen Shapiro has also decided to partner up with us.  Ellen is a renowned Condominium Lawyer with far more accolades and experience that any of us.  Ellen is a member of the prestigious National College of Community Association Lawyers and a CAI-New England Hall of Famer with a very strong following, not to mention a strong personality.  What amazes me the most about Ellen is her continued passion for the practice of this area of the law and her continued zealous advocacy and drive after all of the years.  While lawyers with her experience level at some other firms are resting on their laurels or mailing it in, Ellen is tenacious and does not stop.  Ellen will never retire.  Ellen is our Bill Belichick.


Rounding our team of lawyers is Sean Tiernan.  Prior to becoming affiliated with Allcock & Marcus, Sean already started his own successful real estate law firm.  Sean is a true general practitioner, a jack of all trades with special experience in real estate transactions, including condominium loans.  His early success as a lawyer and a businessman, will translate into our success as a team going forward.


Our team extends beyond lawyers.  Dina Pepjonovich is our Operations Manager.  Dina worked side by side with me for the last twenty years and has experience in all aspects of law firm management, including billing, client relations, marketing and litigation and collections management.  Many of you have had the opportunity interact with her over the years and will again, at Allcock & Marcus.


Rounding out our team is our experienced Paralegal, Melissa Marando and our Senior Executive Assistant Rhonda Duarte.  They are professional, smart and driven.  Their hard work pays off for us and our clients.  They create the and build behind the scenes.  Some of you know them already, most of you will get to know them at Allcock & Marcus.


Allcock and Marcus prides itself on its diversity.  Our Firm is comprised equally of men and women.  Our office spans every generation.  That diversity and combination is purposeful and serves as a solid base for our team and allows us to understand clients of all types and encompassing all generations and to provide the best possible legal advice.  That is why we call ourselves the “next generation of condominium lawyers”.


Allcock & Marcus will be a condominium law firm in the truest sense of the word.  Our practice areas will include general representation of condominiums, condominium litigation and litigation support, zoning, contract review, collection of condominium fees, and condominium association loans.  We will also provide something that no other condominium law firm in New England does, alternative dispute resolution and expert services.  We will do all of that in five (5) states.  Like I said, making us “New England’s Condominium Law Firm”.


The great thing about starting a law firm in 2022 is we can provide our clients with state of the art technology, from private portals accessible only by our clients to state of the art and up to date educational programs, webinars, podcasts, video and social media content and of course our newsletter, the A&M Condo Mania.  We aim to be the next generation of condominium lawyers.  Like I said, its time for a change, so come and join us.


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Ed Allcock | ed@amcondolaw.com

Jake Marcus | jake@amcondolaw.com

Ellen Shapiro | ellen@amcondolaw.com

Norm Orban | norm@amcondolaw.com

Sean Tiernan | sean@amcondolaw.com


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